What's WaveUp?

WaveUp is a collaborative playlist application, which allows you to decide the music at parties.

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Create or join a room

With WaveUp, it literally couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app and create a room or join the one your friends have started, all in just a few seconds.

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Add your music

Find the music you’d like to hear, add it to the room and enjoy the party! Got no inspiration? Simply ‘like’ the songs already added to the list in order to make them play first.

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Follow your friends

WaveUp offers you the possibility of following your friends. Want to recreate the vibe of that one epic night or find back the room that totally got last week’s party started? Check your friends’ profile and off you go!

With WaveUp, you’ll never have to worry about the music or guess the vibe of the night, ever again.

« Sorry guys, I’ve only got Britney on my phone »

- A random guy with the AUX

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Become the coolest WaveBuddy

Do you have what it takes to become the best WaveUp user and the coolest WaveBuddy? Join the fun, collect our badges and discover some of our awesome surprises...

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Synchronize your accounts

You didn’t think we’d stop here, did you? In addition to all the cool stuff WaveUp provides you with, the app allows you to synchronize your WaveUp-account with your accounts on all the other available streaming platforms.

Still don’t understand what's a room ?

Room, noun.

1. A virtual space in which you can add music to a collaborative playlist.

With WaveUp you

are the DJ

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